June 24, 2008

In A Green World...

Welcome to "In A Green World," a blog completely devoted to bringing you the most up-to-date information on the alternative energy industry in the US. These past few weeks have really opened our eyes to reality: oil has completely changed the way we live in a matter of months. Road trips no longer seem practical, food prices have been dramatically increasing, powering our houses and apartments has become more costly, and not only that, but the Middle East oil suppliers are living it up as prices keep rising. Fortunately, many individuals see an opportunity in this difficult situation - an opportunity for creating an entire new industry and movement here in the states. Alternative energy, and by this I mean renewable sources of energy, has started to take a new position in America's hearts. Alternative energy can free us from our oil addiction, and at the same time clean up our air and create thousands of new jobs and companies.

Every day, I'll be posting about different developments in this green movement. Some posts may come from articles I've read recently, others may be general opinions on US energy policy, and some may just be different ideas I have on potential alternative energy business. Whatever the post is, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions! Thanks and welcome to In A Green World!

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