June 28, 2008

Free Gas for Summer...?

Pump prices got you down? It's definitely got the car manufacturers down! While people struggle to figure out ways to afford gas prices, car dealers are struggling to sell cars that don't have high fuel efficiencies. Some car manufacturers have now released gas-price incentives such as "Free Gas for Summer" by Suzuki and a fixed $2.99/gallon price for 3 years by Chrysler.

They must be pretty desperate to start basing incentives off of gas prices, because any knowledgeable person knows that gas prices will not be declining or leveling off in the near future. On the bright side, hopefully this also means that these same manufacturers are putting a lot of investment into raising fuel efficiency and alternative energy vehicles.

Would you be swayed by one of these gas incentives? Leave a comment!

June 26, 2008

Oil Price Rises - New Record High

Think oil prices are leveling off and you don't need to worry about fuel efficiency? Think again! This just in...one barrel of oil now costs $140 - a new record. According to a CNN article just released this afternoon, fear of reductions in oil supply from Kenya and comments made by OPEC officials citing a $170 price later in the summer has caused this record spike in price.

Good luck finding a Prius!

>>>>>> CNN Article - Oil Price Record <<<<<<

Global Warming = Terrorism?

How scared of global warming should we be? Apparently...very! Not only should we worry about the ice caps melting, temperatures increasing, and an increase in severe weather, but we should also fear increased terrorist attacks! According to this recent CNN article,
Climate change "will aggravate existing problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions," Thomas Fingar said. "All of this threatens the domestic stability of a number of African, Asian, Central American and Central Asian countries."
What do you think - will climate change be enough to destabilize third world countries and create a new field of recruits for terrorism. Read the article at CNN below!

>>>>>> CNN Article - Global Warming <<<<<<

June 25, 2008

Honda's Hydrogen?

Watching TV last night, I saw this commercial recently released by Honda - their new FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle. Quite an interesting development, although hydrogen is impractical right now (lack of fueling stations and a high vehicle cost). What do you think - is this a real step in the right direction or just a commercial ploy to try and create good press for Honda?

June 24, 2008

In A Green World...

Welcome to "In A Green World," a blog completely devoted to bringing you the most up-to-date information on the alternative energy industry in the US. These past few weeks have really opened our eyes to reality: oil has completely changed the way we live in a matter of months. Road trips no longer seem practical, food prices have been dramatically increasing, powering our houses and apartments has become more costly, and not only that, but the Middle East oil suppliers are living it up as prices keep rising. Fortunately, many individuals see an opportunity in this difficult situation - an opportunity for creating an entire new industry and movement here in the states. Alternative energy, and by this I mean renewable sources of energy, has started to take a new position in America's hearts. Alternative energy can free us from our oil addiction, and at the same time clean up our air and create thousands of new jobs and companies.

Every day, I'll be posting about different developments in this green movement. Some posts may come from articles I've read recently, others may be general opinions on US energy policy, and some may just be different ideas I have on potential alternative energy business. Whatever the post is, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions! Thanks and welcome to In A Green World!