July 9, 2008

Nissan Goes Electric

Yet another car companies announces plan for a fully-electric vehicle. Nissan just announced, along with Renault (a French car company), that they plan on releasing a fully electric vehicle by the year 2011 in Portugal. This announcement comes after making an arrangement with the government in Portugal to create a national network of recharging stations (making electric vehicles an extremely practical solution).
"We are feeling more strongly than ever that we must speed up our development of electric vehicles," said Nissan Senior Vice President Minoru Shinohara.

This is rather exciting news actually. While some other car companies are spreading their research development over several different technologies - Hydrogen fuel cell and more Hybrid vehicles - Nissan is choosing to focus on the electric vehicle. In my mind, the electric vehicle really represents the future of the auto industry. Battery technology has been advancing enough to make it practical. Not only that, the way we power our electric grids is starting to convert to clean energy (wind and solar energy are both really starting to emerge). We'll definitely have to keep a close eye on Nissan's announcements over the next several years!

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