June 30, 2008

Save on Gas

I just read an interesting article written by a CNN Money editor about how she is saving money on gas with several good methods of driving. They seem like pretty good ideas - especially if you're driving an SUV or a pickup truck. Here they are:
  • Drive a smaller car if you have access to one: If you have a boy/girlfriend, wife/husband, or a roommate that has a smaller car that gets better gas mileage - use it!
  • Logging and Planning your driving: Take a piece of paper and write down everywhere you go throughout the week and how many miles you go. After that week is done, plan to either eliminate some driving or consolidate errands.
  • Use public transportation: This one can be tricky depending on where you have to go, but try and use the public transportation in your town or city. Buses, subway systems, and trains could all end up saving you money depending on how far you're driving.
  • Better driving techniques: Consistently check your tire pressure, and also more importantly, easy up on the gas pedal! Don't accelerate too fast and always try to drive at or below the speed limit. On the highway, set the cruise control for 60 or 65.
Seems like some good ideas to me! Anyone else have any good suggestions?

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